There is a saying that goes as “less is more”, there must be some truth to this statement otherwise it would not have been that popularly used amongst the masses. Have you ever spared a minute to analyse the statement? If not then we are here to help you out. “less is more” quotation is basically used for aesthetic purposes as people try to add more and more things to make their art beautiful but they are forgetting that minimalist look always appears to be best and the trendiest. Similar is the case with off road teardrop camper, trailers or moving houses. In this article, we will be discussing about the benefits of owning small campers.


Before directly discussing about small campers, let us have a preview about what campers actually are. Campers are the wheeled van like structures that can be moved from one place to another when they are towed with a vehicle.  Campers are also known as trailers or moving houses. There are different types of campers which vary according to their shapes and sizes. Most of the campers have inbuilt washrooms along with kitchen, bedroom and lounge while some lacks washrooms because of their size and the way they are built.

Small campers:

Small campers are the campers that are comparatively smaller in size but are equally useful as any other camper or trailer. Small campers are also known as teardrop campers. This name was given to them because they are shaped as the drop of a tear. Even though they are smaller in size as compared to other types of campers or trailers yet they provide all of the basic necessities that a man needs. They have the accommodation area for at least two people, along with an inbuilt kitchen and an attached washroom in most of the cases.

Benefits of owning a small camper:

One might ask a question that why we shall buy a small camper like a teardrop camper when the larger sized camper is available in the market. The answer to this question lies in various statements. Firstly, small camper is quite cheaper as compared to larger sized camper. Secondly, even though they are smaller in size yet they fulfil all the basic needs of a person so he does not have to opt for larger sized camper. Moreover, it can be used for commercial purposes as well. Besides these, one of the main benefits of owning a small sized camper is that it is lighter and smaller in size which is why it can be easily towed with any car.


Small camper is the small sized wheeled trailer that can be moved from one place to another after being towed with a car or a truck. Even though they are smaller in size but still they fulfil all f the residential needs of a person. It is recommendable to own smaller campers as they are quite useful. “Caretta Australia” offers the best models of small campers.